Daily Standup for Trust

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Domain NA
Work Programme ALPS
Research Area Agile
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Trigger doing_gsd == true, build_trust_need == true


Need to build trust among development team members, especially distributed teams


Agile methods emphasize self-organization for development teams, including the setting of targets and choice of methods. This places increased importance on trust as team members must rely on each other to meet the objectives set by the team as a whole. This can be difficult for team members used to working on their own.

Distributed or global development makes developing trust more difficult due to the lack of informal face-to-face exchanges that are possible in a co-located environment.


Hold a short (10-15 minute) daily “stand-up” meeting during which each team member reports

  1. What he or she accomplished the previous day.
  2. What he or she plans to accomplish this day.
  3. What impediments he or she encountered that are blocking progress toward the agreed objectives.

This meeting provides visibility of each team member’s daily progress, so that delays can be addressed immediately. Frequent (daily) interaction promotes trust among team members. New team members are required to begin participating immediately which establishes relationships with existing members and builds trust. Visibility also builds trust with remote team members who do not otherwise have the opportunity to establish relationships through informal interactions.

Effective Meeting Planning


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