Effective Meeting Planning

Pattern Attributes

Intervention Process
Domain Security, Finance
Work Programme WP4
Research Area Agile, Co-located, GSD
Evidence Type multiple case study
Evidence Source
Evidence Strength very strong
Trigger development_method == 'scrum'


Lack of meeting coordination or planning in an Agile development context.




  1. Scrum Master to issue a sketched prioritised meeting agenda prior to planning meetings and ensure that all items are discussed by the team
  2. Conduct pre-planning meetings to help filter the backlog and highlight decisions of greater importance. Particularly important to hold these meetings when the product backlog for the next sprint is extensive
  3. Scrum Master to ensure that equal time is given to each team member for updates in the daily stand-up meeting
  4. Scrum Master to facilitate daily stand-up meetings effectively i.e. members should only be giving snapshot updates. If additional time is needed, schedule a ‘break-out’ session (see 1)

Counteract Groupthink.