How to Demonstrate the Scalare Advisor


This document describes how to demonstrate the features of the Scalare advisor.


  1. Start the Firefox browser.

    The Scalare Advisor’s knowledge base view currently does not display properly with Internet Explorer or Chrome.

  2. Visit (note the trailing “/”).

    This will display the Scalare wiki home page. Note: there is a link to this document at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click the “Aspire advisor” Link in the left panel (the fourth bullet point under the Scalare logo).

    This will display the Scalare Advisor’s consultation page, which presents the interview and a hierarchical “feature model” view under the “Recommendations” heading.


At the bottom of the “Consultation” page is a navigation bar.

Navigation Links

Navigation Links

These link to pages that show different views of the recommendations:

  • ‘f’ and ‘f2’ show a large scrollable view of the pattern hierarchy, with recommendations highlighted in color. This view is easier to read. The difference between the view is only the title: the ‘f’ page is titled “Knowledge Base” while the ‘f2’ page is titled “Recommendations.”
  • ‘c’ displays the “Consultation” page.
  • ‘r’ displays the recommended patterns in a list format; each entry is a link to the pattern page.
  • “<<” and “>>” are “next” and “previous” links.

The “Categories” link in the left panel presents different views of the wiki pages. Selecting “FeatureGroup” shows the inner nodes of the pattern hierarchy. Alternately, selecting “Pattern” shows a flat list of all the patterns.

This document is available online at