Welcome to the SCALARE Advisor!

The SCALARE Advisor Demonstrator is a knowledge base of software development practices and recommendations derived from empirical research carried out at by the SCALARE project.


The demonstrator comprises three components:

  • The Knowledge Base, for which this page is the entry point;
  • The SCALARE Advisor, that derives relevant recommendations from the Knowledge Base to address specific situations;
  • The SCALARE Simulator, that can show how the recommendations and practices in the SCALARE Knowledge Base would affect a hypothetical or actual real-world development effort.

SCALARE Work Packages

SCALARE has research projects investigating a wide range of issues and domains related to software development, including Agile methods, …

  • ALPS Agile and Lean Project Management and Scaling.
  • OPS Open Software Engineering.
  • PAISEAN Plan-driven, Agile, Inner-Source Environment Analysis Network.
  • SPRTMDRC Software Processes and Roadmaps for Medical Device Regulatory Compliance.
  • MANYCORE Understanding Software Performance on Many-Core Systems.