Awareness of entitlement

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Awareness of entitlement Or
Develop awareness of entitlement


Your sense of entitlement influences your goals when negotiating terms in your career


Valian argues that to be successful in academia, and in other areas, it is important to negotiate effectively. To do that, ‘one must have a feeling of (at least moderate) entitlement; but women tend to be low in entitlement and men tend to be high’ (Valian 2005:205).

Ways to get it

  1. Develop your sense of entitlement
  2. Ask yourself whether there are reasons for you to feel less entitled to fulfilling ambitions than tour colleagues
  3. Seek out people who can support you in feeling entitled

References: Valian, V. (2005) ‘Beyond Gender Schemas: Improving the Advancement of Women in Academia.’ Hypatia. 20 (3) 198 – 213.