At present there are three Aspire instances hosted on this server:

  1. Festa, for the Festa Strategic Career Management advisor.
  2. Scalare, for the Scalare ITEA-2 project.
  3. Aspire, the original Aspire demo created for Lero's CSET-II mid-term review.

Each instance has an Apache-2 'site' which is described by a respective XML file in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled. It should not be necessary to modify these files.

Occasionally, gets rebooted, for example due to power outages or maintenance. When this happens, Aspire instances need to be manually restarted. To do so, use the following procedure:

  1. Login to using 'slogin' (from Unix/Linux), or 'ssh' or similar from Windows.
  2. Use the 'su' command to change identity to the respective owner of the Aspire instance:

    1. For Festa: sudo su festa
    2. For Scalare: sudo su scalare
    3. For Aspire: sudo su jnoll
  3. Change directories to the location where the Aspire instance files are located:

    1. For Festa: cd /home/festa/festa-wiki
    2. For Scalare: cd /home/scalare/wikis/scalare
    3. For Aspire: cd /home/jnoll/wikis/aspire-demo
  4. Execute the run-aspire command:


This will restart the Aspire instance. It takes about two minutes for the knowledge base to be rebuilt and the web site to become accessible.

  1. Visit the web site to verify:

    1. For Festa:
    2. For Scalare:
    3. For Aspire: