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aSPIRE - Advanced Software Process Improvement Repository - is a knowledge base of software development practices and recommendations derived from empirical research carried out at Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre.

Lero Research Projects

Aspire aims to showcase the empirical software engineering research carried out at Lero, by researchers in four Lero projects:

  • ALPS Agile and Lean Project Management and Scaling.
  • OPS Open Software Engineering.
  • PAISEAN Plan-driven, Agile, Inner-Source Environment Analysis Network.
  • SPRTMDRC Software Processes and Roadmaps for Medical Device Regulatory Compliance.


aSPIRE comprises three components:

  • The aSPIRE Wiki, for which this page is the entry point;
  • The aSPIRE Advisor, that derives relevant recommendations from the wiki’s pattern library to address specific software development project situations;
  • The Aspire Process Generator, that creates process roadmaps from selected recommendations.

Demo scenario

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