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title: Welcome
Welcome to aSPIRE!

aSPIRE - *A*dvanced *S*oftware *P*rocess *I*mprovement *Re*pository - is
a knowledge base of software development practices and recommendations
derived from empirical research carried out at Lero, the Irish Software
Engineering Research Centre.


aSPIRE comprises three components:

-   The aSPIRE Knowledge Base, for which this page is the entry point;
-   The [aSPIRE Advisor](advisor/consult.html), that derives relevant
    recommendations from the Knowledge Base to address specific
-   The [aSPIRE Simulator](simulator), that can show how the
    recommendations and practices in the aSPIRE Knowledge Base would
    affect a hypothetical or actual real-world development effort.

Lero Research Projects

Lero has research projects investigating a wide range of issues and
domains related to software development, including [Agile methods](),

-   [ALPS]( Agile and Lean Project
    Management and Scaling.
-   [OPS]( Open Software Engineering.
-   [PAISEAN]( Plan-driven, Agile,
    Inner-Source Environment Analysis Network.
-   [SPRTMDRC]( Software Processes
    and Roadmaps for Medical Device Regulatory Compliance

Aspire Workshop

Will take place June 16-17 at the Lero on the UL campus.  Agenda and
other info [here.](http://AspireWorkshop)
other info[here](AspireWorkshop).