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aSPIRE - *A*dvanced *S*oftware *P*rocess *I*mprovement *Re*pository - is
a knowledge base of software development practices and recommendations
derived from empirical research carried out at Lero, the Irish Software
Engineering Research Centre.

aSPIRE also includes _virtual advisor_ to distill the practices and
insights from the aSPIRE knowledge base into a set of
recommendations tailored to a specific situation as specified by a
project manager or technical lead who is consulting the advisor.


aSPIRE comprises three components:

-   The aSPIRE Knowledge Base, for which this page is the entry point;
-   The [aSPIRE Advisor](advisor/consult.html), that derives relevant
    recommendations from the Knowledge Base to address specific
-   The [aSPIRE Simulator](simulator), that can show how the
    recommendations and practices in the aSPIRE Knowledge Base would
    affect a hypothetical or actual real-world development effort.

Lero Research Projects

Lero has research projects investigating a wide range of issues and
domains related to software development:

-   [ALPS]( Agile and Lean Project
    Management and Scaling.
-   [OPS]( Open Software Engineering.
-   [PAISEAN]( Plan-driven, Agile,
    Inner-Source Environment Analysis Network.
-   [SPRTMDRC]( Software Processes
    and Roadmaps for Medical Device Regulatory Compliance

These industry focused, empirically grounded projects produce
insights, models, and practices that will be incorporated into aSPIRE's
knowlege base.

aSPIRE's overall objectives are to:

- Demonstrate integration across Lero's process-oriented research projects.
- Show sound scientific foundation of research.
- Be accessible to casual observers.

aSPIRE is accessible via the World Wide Web at