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title: Aspire
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summary: Aspire is the Advanced Software Process Improvement Repository

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## Aspire

aSPIRE - *A*dvanced *S*oftware *P*rocess *I*mprovement *Re*pository -
is a demonstrator project of Lero, the Irish Software
Engineering Research Centre.
## Lero Research Projects {#projects}

Aspire aims to showcase the empirical software engineering research
carried out at Lero, by researchers in four Lero projects: 

* [ALPS]( Agile and Lean Project
  Management and Scaling.
* [OPS]( Open Software Engineering. 
* [PAISEAN]( Plan-driven, Agile,
  Inner-Source Environment Analysis Network.
* [SPRTMDRC]( Software Processes
  and Roadmaps for Medical Device Regulatory Compliance.

## Components {#components}

aSPIRE comprises three components:

* The [aSPIRE Wiki](index), for which this page is the entry point;
* The [aSPIRE Advisor](App/Consult), that derives relevant
  recommendations from the wiki's pattern library to address specific software
  development project situations;
* The [aSPIRE Process Generator](App/PMLCheck), that creates process roadmaps from
  selected recommendations.

## Links

* aSPIRE [concept of operations](Aspire_conops)
* CSET review rehearsal [demo video](aspire_demo.mp4).
* [Demo scenario](Demo_scenario).

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