Aspire Workshop - June 17-18 2013

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Monday, 17 June
  • 14:00 - Kickoff
  • 14:30 - Discussion of potential collaboration areas
  • 16:00 - Working group formation
  • 19:00 - dinner
Tuesday, 18 June
  • 09:00 - Coffee & review
  • 09:30 - Working group breakout to develop collaboration plans
  • 11:00 - Review plans & agree next actions
  • 12:00 - lunch

Collaboration & Discussion Ideas

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  • Demo Scenario
  1. Global development of medical device software
  2. other ideas?
  • How to incorporate results that don’t involve explicit practices.
  • Process roadmap generation - SPRTMDRC have already developed a conceptual approach for creating “process roadmaps” by assembling activities that meet specific goals.  This approach is highly compatible with Aspire’s advisor and could be expanded to other domains.
  • (Semi-)Formal software process modeling - Andrew is working on a formal semantics for the PML process modeling language, a lightweight notation for specifying the order of tasks in a process, their inputs and outputs, and roles and tools required to perform them. There could be significant benefit to writing PML specifications for existing process models produced by Aspire-related projects.
  • other ideas?