Aspire Advisor - Step 2

Assess Project Risks

This page captures the project’s perceived risks, in terms of the likelihood that a risk will become reality, and the impact if it does.

The list of risks is Barry Boehm’s well-know top ten list (B.W. Boehm. “Software Risk Management: Principles and Practices”, IEEE Software 8(1),1991). There are numerous other lists that we could use; in particular, Wallace et al (L. Wallace and M. Keil. “Software Project Risks and their Effect on Outcomes”, Communications of the ACM, 47(4), 2004.) propose a list of 27 risks divided into six categories (User, Requirements, Project complexity, Planning and Control, Team, and Organizational Environment) that seems to map nicely onto our feature model.

A three-point (High/Medium/Low) scale is used to illustrate the idea.

Project Risks
Risk Liklihood
Personnel shortfalls

Unrealistic estimates

Developing the wrong software functions

Developing the wrong user interface

Gold plating

Late changes to requirements

Shortfalls of externally supplied components

Shortfalls of externally performed tasks

Real-time performance shortfalls

Straining science capabilities