Aspire Advisor - Summary

Research Output

  • Grants: EURO 26,000 (EI Commercialization and Proposal support)
  • Publications:

    1. Beecham, O’Leary, Richardson, Baker, Noll, “Making Software Engineering Research Relevent”, IEEE Computer (to appear).
    2. Noll, Seichter, Beecham, “Automated Text Classification for Qualitative Analysis of Software Project Repositories”, ESEM 2013.
    3. Beecham, O’Leary, Richardson, Baker, Noll, “Who are we doing Global Software Engineering research for?”, ICGSE 2013.
    4. O’Leary, Noll, Richardson, “A Resource Flow Approach to Modeling Care Pathways”, FHIES 2013.
    5. Beecham, Carroll, Noll, “A Decision Support System for Global Team Management: Expert Evaluation”, REMEDI 2012.
    6. Beecham, Noll, Dhungana, Richardson, “A Decision Support System for Global Software Development”, PARIS 2011.


  • Additional patterns

    • GSD in Financial Services domain.
    • Lean Software Development.
    • Security.
    • Model-driven Development.
    • Software Development Governance.
  • Additional components

    • Process Generator.
    • RDF Server.
    • Chatbot user interface.
    • Feature Model constraint analyzer.
  • Industry Engagement

  • Proposals

    • GSD Community of Practice: COST Action (under revision).
    • GLADEADOR - Global Software Development Advisor: Horizon 2020 proposal (under development).

I will be demonstrating Aspire over lunch in case you have questions or would like to see any aspect in more detail. In particular, we haven’t looked at the knowledge creation and browsing capabilities, which is what these links in the left column are for.